Overview: Approximately 2,700-3,000 children are served at 31 school sites with nearly 33% of our children requiring reduced fees.  Staff are well trained and are qualified to serve all children within our program.  Annual training requirements and a 1-to-10 ratio for adults to children help to ensure that we maintain a high quality of care for all of the children in our programs. Staff members are either credentialed or in school working toward their degrees. Each staff member is screened through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Dept. of Human Services.

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Before and After School: Fun and educational opportunities are provided to children before and after school. Each site has its own particular needs, so site directors adjust their plans to include the desires of the participating families as well as the school administration. Staff members coordinate their activities with school personnel to help reinforce classroom learning. Activities include indoor and outdoor games, crafts, stories, homework assistance, snacks, music, outside presenters, and special events such as learning break dancing from a local dance group or participating in a museum program.

Preschool: Programming is offered in the morning at Red Feather, Stove Prairie, and Eyestone elementary schools. We work with the Poudre School District to provide the Colorado Preschool Project to support school readiness.

School Out Days (SOD’s): Special activities are provided on those days when school is not in session such as teacher conference days, in-service days, holiday breaks, spring break, etc. Typically, SOD’s are held at one or two school sites. During this time, the children focus on special themes such as the arts, sciences, sports, music, drama, etc. They also take field trips and have special presentations regarding topics of interest.

Summer Camp: This program offers full-day childcare during the summer months. Camp is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday through Friday, and the program is held at one school site where BASE Camp uses the entire facility.  The school site changes from year to year. Following the Johns Hopkins Model to prevent learning slide during the summer, children explore learning in a fun summertime environment involving hands-on activities in science, art, cultures, environmental education, field trips, theme days, and more. They receive two nutritional snacks each day: one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.

Expected Outcomes: These program provide academic, social, artistic, communication, and safety benefits.  Children will have enriched learning experiences each school year and help in reducing educational “summer slide” (loss of learning) during the summer. They enjoy mental and physical education and make friends in a safe environment. Through our programs the burdens of working and studying families are eased, the school district has a valuable partner in their educational efforts, and the community as a whole benefits from engaged children and working parents. Children gain confidence and self esteem, while learning to learn and play with their peers in a safe environment.

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