Registration for the 2019-20 School Year is OPEN! Please use the registration tab to find the correct directions for your family.

BASE Camp’s vision is that our children achieve life-long success. Our mission is to be the choice provider of safe, affordable, accessible out-of-school-times childcare with enrichment services, aligned with the community schools.

To achieve our mission and vision, we offer programs to over 3,000 children annually at 35 elementary school sites throughout Larimer County, including a variety of activities and enrichment choices for children in grades K-7. Tuition assistance programs ensure that all families can afford our programs. Each site is unique to its staff and location. We focus on hiring quality staff who care for children by investing their personal passions into their programs. BASE Camp is not only a place to be, it’s a place to play, learn and grow. We hope you’ll consider joining the BASE Camp Family!

BASE Camp is proud to be part of the local collaboration, Directing Change. We treat all people with dignity and respect, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, country of origin, or belief system.  We will continue to advocate for and provide quality services to all who need them.