Attendance Changes

Procedures for Attendance Changes

Procedure for Drop-ins and Attendance Changes 


Our goal at BASE Camp is to make it easy for families to use our program when they need to without requiring a commitment for the times you don’t! This flexibility that is a cornerstone of our program requires that we have good systems in place to ensure that both BASE Camp and parents are on the same page about attendance. This communication is key to ensuring the safety of all kids in our program. Beginning October 1, 2019, BASE Camp will be instituting a 3-strike policy for accurate afternoon schedules. If your child shows up unexpectedly, or is expected and does not show up without a reasonable excuse, a warning will be issued. If three warnings are acrrued, your child may be disenrolled for the remainder of the semester. 


When do you need to notify BASE Camp?

  • – You must setup an initial schedule when you register, regardless of if your child will attend regularly or is “drop-in only”. 
  • – If you do not have a regular schedule and you plan to drop-in for the afternoon.
  • – If you have a regular schedule and it changes for the afternoon.
  • – If your child is sick or absent from school, and does not need BASE Camp.
  • – If your child will be late to afternoon BASE Camp because they are attending another club or program first.


When do you NOT need to notify BASE Camp?

  • – Morning attendance does not require notification.
  • – If you plan to change your pick up time, you do not need to notify BASE Camp – we only need to know if they will be there or not.


How can you notify BASE Camp?

It is essential that we collect a firsthand record of the attendance plan. You may record that record via:

– Our Scheduling Web App (for smartphones or computers)

– By phone at 970-266-1734, option 0

When leaving a voicemail, please be sure to state your name, your child’s name and school, the dates the attendance change applies to, any other pertinent information. Speak slowly and clearly. Voicemail is not accepted after 1:30 PM – you must reach a live person to ensure the message is conveyed. 


Important Things to Remember about Drop-ins and Schedule Changes

    • – A confirmation of the change will be sent to the child’s primary guardian via email.
    • – If you notify site staff of the change, you still need to call or email to record that change with our central office.
    • All changes must be received prior to 1:30 PM. This is essential for program safety. If you have an emergency change after 1:30 PM, please call our office at 970-266-1734, option “0” and ensure you get a live person so we can make sure that change is communicated to your child’s BASE Camp site.
    • – You should always call your child’s school as well, and let them know of the change, so they can help ensure your child gets to the right place. This is especially important for kindergartners.


Questions or concerns? Call or email us: 970-266-1734 |