Program Description:


CIT (Counselor In Training) are high school aged students who have the desire to gain work experience as a positive mentor for children in a group and/or individual setting. This is a volunteer position with the primary objective to develop leadership skills by working with other adults and youth.


All CIT’s must have completed their freshman year of high school and be under the age of 18.


Skills Learned

Developmentally appropriate practices

Team building with adults, peers, and youth

Experience working in a licensed childcare

Group project planning

How To Apply


Complete application –

  • When applying please pick your preference as to school and time of day. BASE Camp will make all final decisions according to fit.
  • If interested in morning, please be specific about what enrichment opportunities you are interested in.


Letters of Reference – Two letters of reference that speak to the candidate’s ability to follow directions, work on a team, and interest in working with you. In addition to how the candidate will benefit from this position. This can be e-mailed directly to


Interview – Each qualified candidate will be invited to the BASE Camp office for an interview.


Offers will be made to qualified candidates with in three days of interview. Candidates will then sign a letter of intent with specific details as it relates to their position. All positions will be closed on May 1st.