Safety & Security

At BASE Camp, managing the safety and security of the children in our program is the most important thing we do. We work closely with the school districts that we host programs in to ensure that we are able to offer a secure environment for all our participants. To review our complete policies and procedures, please see the Parent Handbook. When it comes to building-specific safety, BASE Camp follows all policies and procedures set forth by the school district we are operating in.


We rely on parent participation to ensure we are able to execute the procedures we’ve put in place to manage safety. Please review and be prepared to support the following, for the protection of all children in the program:


– Always be prepared to show your ID. BASE Camp staff are required to request identification from parents they don’t know. On any given day, substitute staff could be in place who don’t know you and will request identification before releasing a child to your care.


– Plan for Pick Up. Doors should not to be propped. We know it may feel inconvenient, but please be prepared that some building layouts may require families to walk around the building to have access back into the BASE Camp area if you pick up during outside time and need to return inside.


– When entering a school building, do not allow entry (i.e. hold and/or open doors) for anyone that you don’t know. BASE Camp is in the process of creating signs to be present at all sites that direct persons not part of our program to call the district facilities department for help if they need access to a building.


– We are all responsible for being aware of our surroundings. If you see something, say something. Important numbers to call:
Poudre School District tip line: (877) 542-SAFE (7233)
Thompson School District Security Department: (970) 613-5010
Fort Collins Police Department (non-emergency): (970)419-FCPD (3273)
Loveland Police Department (non-emergency):  (970) 667-2151
Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1


Thank you for your help in ensuring every child’s safety!