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For information on logging an attendance change, please visit our Attendance Change page.

Send us an email using the form below. Or, if you prefer, you can send an email to our front office by using the address We look forward to hearing from you. (Please note: this form and/or e-mail may not be used for logging attendance changes. Follow the link above for details.)

Our Office

1224 E. Elizabeth St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 266-1734

After Hours Emergency Numbers


If you need to get a hold of us outside of normal office hours for an emergency, please find your school in the list below and contact the appropriate manager:


Site Manager for Johnson, Olander & AXIS: 970-821-6710
Site Manager for Bennett, Dunn, St. Joseph & Polaris: 970-821-6700
Site Manager for Linton, Zach & Bacon: 970-821-6694
Site Manager for Werner, Kruse & McGraw: 970-632-0246
Site Manager for Cache La Poudre, Irish & Putman: 970-821-6711
Site Manager for Coyote Ridge, Poderosa & Cottonwood: 970-893-0659
Site Manager for Laurel, Harris & Riffenburgh: 970-821-6679
Site Manager for Rice, Eyestone & Tavelli: 970-821-6705
Site Manager for High Plains, Winona, Mary Blair: 970-893-0348
Site Manager for Timnath, Traut & Bethke: 970-821-6704
Site Manager for O’dea, Shepardson & Lopez: 970-821-6043
Site Manager for Bauder & Beattie: 970-657-4661