Additonal Forms

Depending on your child’s situation, we may require that you return some additional forms beyond online registration. If your child has special medical/behavioral circumstances, we need to be aware of or for tuition assistance, additional forms are required. Please review the forms below, and submit the applicable ones prior to the start of your child in our program.


We ask that all parents complete the Income Eligibility Form  (En Espanol). As a 501c3 nonprofit, we depend on support from outside institutions to provide for all families. Even if you don’t personally receive assistance, your income information allows us to get reimbursements for our snack program so we can do more with less. Thanks for your compliance. To learn more about this program, please read this letter (en Espanol).


Financial –

  • Sliding Fee App (applicable if you are applying for reduced care rates). Please note: Pages 3-4 of this application are an IEF. A completed IEF is required in order to receive any tuition assistance.
  • CCAP (We need a copy  of your certification letter, if you are using CCAP to pay for BASE Camp)


Medical / Behavior –

You may turn in your supplemental via email to or in-person at our office, located at 1224 E. Elizabeth St., Fort Collins, CO 80524. Please DO NOT fax forms. Please note medical forms are required before attending the program. Sliding fee applicants will be charged full-fees until all forms have been completed and processed.